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  • Setareh Nik Aria, SNA, is a private company and its main portion of shares belongs to two main shareholders. This company has commenced its trading activities since 2001specifically involving in the field of Production, Import, Export, Services and Consultancy in automotive industry.
    To reach the main and defined goals of the company and better progress, the major fundamentals were built as follows:
    1- The manufacturing facilities and lines are located in Tabriz city (80000 sqm)
    2- Central workshop for sales and after sales services is located in Tehran (50000 sqm)
    3- Head Office is located in Tehran (1000 sqm)
    4- 30 selected dealers for sales and after sales services nationwide

    SNA is a young company with more than 100 staffs. The strategic goal of SNA is to be one of the top three manufacturers of Public Transportation Vehicles in Iran.
    SNA is the holding company of:
    1- NIKICOM International, Tehran-IRAN
       • General Trading, Technical and Commercial Consulting, Project Management, HRM

    2- NIKICOM Europe, Hamburg-GERMANY
       • Import to & Export from Europe, Financing requirements of the holding

    3- ATA Machine Sanat Co., Tehran-IRAN
       • Import of Heavy and Construction/Road machineries

    4- YinHui China, Beijing-CHINA
       • Facilitate the transactions of the holding with China

    5- Briliance Industrial Co., Aras Free Zone-IRAN

    According to the executive experiences of SNA and also mutual agreements, this company is the active representative of below mentioned companies for sales and after sales services:
    1- Daimler Chrysler (Germany and Brazil)
    2- King Long (China)
    3- Man (Germany)
    4- Marcopolo (Brazil)
    5- Caio (Brazil)
    6- Voith (Germany)
    7- Souesat (China)
    8- Nuchtech (China)
    9- Shac (China)